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With our CORE methodology we seek to maximize project results.

We create a collaborative project model in which the client and our team are a fundamental part of the transformation process. We provide a flexible operating system with a high level of autonomy in the advancement of the project and decision-making.

The model that focuses all its potential on three principles to be an Effective, Efficient and Sustainable model, aimed at guaranteeing the return on investment and the transfer of project knowledge to the client’s team


CYP has more than 50 multidisciplinary professionals to provide flexibility and efficiency in all the projects carried out. CYP members share a common denominator: a customer-centric attitude and passion for the projects they carry out. With a wide variety of profiles and experiences, we form teams focused on helping our clients optimize their operations and results.

Each CYP worker embodies our company philosophy, committed to jointly achieving set goals in search of maximum customer satisfaction.



The CYP group was established in the same year that the YouTube video sharing platform was created. The objective is to offer specialized support to the supply chain and production logistics.


While the world awaits the end of the Mayan calendar and the possible arrival of the end of the world, something very important is beginning for us. The CYP Ingeniería brand is established in the automotive and logistics sector.


Thousands of athletes are preparing to participate in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and we are also preparing our teams for new challenges. That year CYP quadrupled its workforce to start carrying out design projects and improvement of production processes in different sectors, thus consolidating its own model.


Facial recognition comes to our mobile devices as digital transformation extends to all areas. CYP, after years of experience in the logistics and optimization sector, also started in digital transformation projects.


The year inventors of cell phone and handheld batteries were awarded the Nobel Prize, we too received an award for our innovative work. SEAT won the SIL award for digitization of the supply chain for the Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) project jointly developed by CYP.


The world has slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we continue to advance with the consolidation of the Core model. Focused on the digital transformation of operations taking advantage of the potential of data and analytical tools.



Promote and manage projects for the optimization and continuous improvement of logistics and production processes, efficiently and responsibly, through the knowledge of our team and our clients.


To be a reference engineering company for our effectiveness and efficiency, generating sustainable economic benefits that allow constant evolution and improvement of the standard of living of the people who work in our team and in our clients.

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