Pfizer at its Algete plant needed to increase its production capacity, so it bought and installed a new machine. This led to a restructuring of the production and logistics processes of the plant.

CYP Engineering carried out the VSM (Value Stream Mapping), in order to detect current processes and opportunities for improvement. Thus they defined a new layout that included process changes, new anti-error technologies and ergonomic improvements to improve efficiency.

In order to validate the new operation, CYP engineers contributed their extensive experience in production logistics, performing a digital simulation and validating the benefits provided.


– Optimization of logistics and production processes

– WIP inventory reduction

– Increase productive capacity


– Important reduction in recurring costs

– Reduction of 70% in production line supply Lead Time

– 30% inventory reduction thanks to the new strategy of storage and production line supply

– 20% de reducción de las emisiones de CO2