SEAT manufactures 2,300 cars a day, involving 16 million individual parts that arrive at the Martorell factory. In such a complex scenario, they have decided to digitize the supply chain to allow them to connect the customer, the factory and the suppliers in the same environment.

With this aim, they created the Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) to control all logistics processes, as more than 200,000 metrics are calculated and displayed on-screen in real-time.

CYP Ingeniería has worked on the conception, development and implementation of the data analysis and control tool, contributing the added value of its experience in automotive logistics. All relevant logistics processes and data have been detailed and monitored, such as:

– Control of the individual stock of each piece, to avoid stock breakages

–  Location of transport in real time, to anticipate possible traffic incidents

– Internal warehouse flows and supply to the production line


– Connect Customer-Factory-Suppliers

– Information in real time and transversal

– Reduction of logistics cost and Lead Time


 – Achieve a more collaborative model with suppliers, achieving synergies throughout the chain

– Obtaining an alert system based on Business Intelligence models, to streamline decision-making and make it more effective

– Anticipate potential problems and crisis situations through predictive models