We are CYP

We are an engineering company specialized in the optimization and improvement of Supply Chain and Productive Processes, our DNA is CORE (From Concept to Reality).


Our project management model:


Our system ensures the completion of projects.

A management model designed to ensure optimal transfer from conception to implementation.


A results-oriented model.

We focus our efforts on guaranteeing the efficiency of our projects.


Projects designed to be sustainable over time.

We work with dynamics and methodologies that ensure the success of projects in the short term and consolidate them in the long term.

Areas of expertise

We are specialists in the improvement of Supply Chain and production processes with high added value. With more than 10 years of experience, CYP guarantees success in the transformation and improvement of industrial processes.

We develop projects to guide our clients on the path of continuous improvement, using innovative tools and ensuring efficient and sustainable results over time.

We are experts in the use of BI tools, based on the knowledge of the processes, we design KPI’s monitoring and follow-up models to ensure that the designed processes are optimal and measurable, focusing our efforts on results.

Our team of technical experts specializes in the design of all types of movement systems. Through the analysis of the processes, we guarantee the use and implementation of the appropriate technologies, for the optimal solution to the client’s needs.

Latest News

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